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Calls for Papers are in progress: The intention-to-submit deadline is February 1, 2023. Articles regarding Mobile Internet, Cloud Computing and Information Security are welcomed.
Mobile Internet
Mobile Applications
Mobile Transactions 
Mobile Payments
Mobile Marketing 
Mobile Authentication
Mobile Security
Mobile Terminal 
Mobile Network
Mobile Communication
Mobile Operating System
Mobile Browser
Mobile Insant Messaging
Mobile Data 
Mobile Search
Mobile Games
Mobile Map
Mobile Social Networking
Mobile Government
Mobile Education 
Mobile Healthcare
Mobile Reading
Mobile Business Law
Mobile Cloud
Mobile IoT
Service Computing
Service Reputation
Collaborative Computing
Peer-to-Peer Computing 
Business Intelligence    
Knowledge Management
Complex Systems
Embedded Systems
Sensor Networks  
Smart Home 
Smart City
Cloud Computing
Cloud and Grid Computing for Big Data
Cloud Application Architectures 
Cloud Application Scalability and Availability
Cloud Application Performance and Monitoring
Cloud Computing and Semantic Web Technology
Cloud Computing Architectures and Systems
Models and Tools for Intelligent Computing
Cloud Computing Technologies, Services, and Applications
Cloud for Enterprise Business Transformation 
Cloud Management and Operations
Cloud Middleware Frameworks
Cloud Optimization and Automation 
Cloud Quality and Performance
Cloud Resource Virtualization and Combination
Cloud Solution Design Patterns 
Distributed and Peer-to-peer Search
Infrastructure and Platforms for Intelligent Computing
Cloud Computing 
Models, Simulations, Designs, and Examples
Information Security
Access Control  
Secure Cloud Computing
Artificial Immune System
Security and Network Management
Security and Privacy in Mobile Systems
Authentication and Non-Repudiation
Security and Privacy in Pervasive Computing
Biometric Security
Security and Privacy in Web Services
Secure Computing Intelligence
Security and Privacy Policies
Encryption Protocols
Security Zone Control
Data Integrity
Security Deployment
Database and System Security
Security Engineering
DDoS, MiM, Session Hijacking and Replay Attacks
Security in Distributed Systems
Design and Security Models
Security of Grid Computing
Email Security, Spam, Phishing and Email Fraud
Security of Information System Architectures
Encryption and Decryption Algorithms
Security of Intelligent Agents and Systems
Formal Authentication Tools
Security of Pervasive Computing  
Security of Fuzzy Systems
Security of Web 2.0
Identification and Authentication
Security Management
Insider Threats and Countermeasures
Security of Software Defined Networks
Internet Security and Applications
Security of Vehicle Networks
Intrusion Detection and Prevention
Security Requirements
Key Management
Security Threats and Countermeasures
Mobile adhoc Network Security
Sensor Network Security
Authentication, Trust and Authorization Model
Software Security
Peer-to-peer Network Security
Threats, Vulnerabilities, Risks, Formal Methods
Performance Evaluation of Security Protocols
Trust Management
Privacy and Authentication
Trust models and metrics
QoS Cybersecurity
Virus, Worm, and Trojan Horse Protection
Quantum Cryptography 
Vulnerability Assessment
Regulatory and Trust Mechanisms
Wireless network security